About MAGIN: Time To Tell This Story

Magín: Time To Tell This Story is a book that will surely capture the reader right from the start. It is a necessary book and, even more, it is inevitable.

Those who bear witness here, each in their own style and in their own way of facing life, offer a critical perspective on the significance of Magín in a larger sense, as well as what Magín means to them personally.

Women from a very broad array of professions came together during a complex time of economic crisis, political pressures, and an awakening consciousness of gender.

Magín emerged out of the need of these professional women to express their aspirations and frustrations.

Above everything, they wanted it understood that the voices of both men and women were needed to achieve the wisdom to understand the importance of feminism and connect it to the concept of gender.

They knew that if men were not included in this process, it would  create a problem between men and women.

One of the witnesses writes: … “All of the women called Magineras brought their ideas and thoughts into fruition; some with urgency and others were more measured. They discovered their hearts and they embraced Magín as they would an intimate song whose rhythmic notes led us to moments of unity…”

Magín as an identity no longer exists, but there is an indelible unity that continues among its participants. From within each of their professions they create and struggle, with optimism and audacity, to elevate self-esteem.

They continue to attain and magnify the goals set out at the beginning of this group, a group that discovered a rebirth for women without taboos or myths.